Wagner Realty Property Management

Wagner Realty has more than eight offices with skilled property managers at each location. We take our responsibility of managing your property very seriously. Tenants are thoroughly screened, enforceable leases are written by skilled attorneys and we work with a number of repair people that can address any problem that may arise.

Additionally, we provide you with detailed monthly accounting statements and complete itemized year-end documents. If your rental is short term seasonal, we take care of collecting, filing and paying any sales and resort taxes that may be required of the tenant.

Our promise to you, the owner, is that we manage your west Florida property to ensure that your investment is well taken care of and that you have peace of mind.


Would recommend Cathy 100% without a doubt. This wonderful lady has been taking care of our properties for many years. She is an absolute gem and we can’t speak highly enough of her. Cathy has great integrity, she is totally honest, kind, thoughtful and really cares about doing the best job she can. We know other people who would agree wholeheartedly with that. She always goes that ‘extra mile’ for which we are truly grateful. We are based in the U.K. and simply could not imagine having anyone else taking care of us in the way she has done. Wagner Realty should know how fortunate they are to have someone like Cathy, who represents them to the highest level. All we can say is we think she deserves a medal, and we hope the President of Wagner Realty realizes just what a treasure she is!

Helen Brymer


I had my Bradenton vacation (rental) property listing with Sandy Greiner, Wagner Realty for over 20 years. She and her staff, Julie Bridges and Joan Ryan, have been wonderful to work with as partners in renting my property. They are local residents for many years and have great knowledge of the area and the market here. They have always rented my property promptly and do all the work necessary to ensure that all parties are happy and the property is ready, clean and safe for all. They have always been very professional, responded quickly to all requests and given outstanding quality service. I truly appreciate the monthly financial reports and understanding the tax issues for the state and for me. They have kept me informed of any problems or issues and needs, which I appreciate. And they stay patient and confident during the challenges for which they have either made the necessary arrangement with my blessing or have made great recommendations to resolve any problems. Again, this is truly appreciated. I am now making Bradenton my permanent home as I planned, taking this house off the rental listing, which is the only reason why I am making this current change.

Kathleen Hoey


Renting place out, I was going to rent a place I inherited on my own. Talking with Sandy changed my mind. She came to give me an estimate on the worth of the property. I started asking her questions about renting it out during the peak season… she had so many great ideas to fix the place up and make it more welcoming. She also informed me of some of the companies policies for renting and managing properties. I have decided to have Sandy manage the rental of the property. It will cost me some but that will be offset by the price she can get in rentals. I want to rent it now and in the future use the property myself after I retire. Until that day comes, I feel very comfortable having Sandy manage the property.

Patricia Underwood


Lisa managed a rental property that I was in and went above and beyond expectations. My A.C. went out and Lisa got it fixed right away all while on her vacation. Very pleased!

Jason Phillips

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